About Us

About us


The Stoney Creek Junior Cougars is a non-profit organization for competitive youth football & cheer focused on providing 7-11 year-old boys and girls in the Rochester, Rochester Hills, Oakland Township and the Northern Oakland County area and beyond with a safe, fun & competitive environment to learn the basics of football & cheer.

SCJC is a separate legal entity in the State of Michigan fully registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and not affiliated, owned or operated by Rochester Community Schools or any of the high schools. However, we are working closely to drive consistency of philosophy, terminology, drills, plays and cheers with that of Hart Middle School and Stoney Creek Creek High school football & cheer teams.

We’re also working to develop and foster The Cougar Way – providing our kids with a foundation for mindset, believe and action-taking on which they will experience from 2nd grade all the way through senior high school.

In short, we’re working hard on building a true program – one that our community can take pride in – on an off of the field. Please support our girls & boys, our program and our community!

Our Mission

To train and cultivate disciplined, respectful, hardworking and fundamentally sound boys and girls in a safe and fun manner through the competitive environment of youth football & cheer.

Our Goals

  • To promote the value of participation in youth football & cheer as a wholesome environment for the challenge of competition, the joy of victory, the reality of defeat, the importance of commitment, and the spirit of community and teamwork.
  • To build character through the joy of victory and the reality of defeat.
  • To foster sportsmanship, integrity, self-esteem, discipline and ethical behavior at all times.
  • To promote responsibility of the young athlete by making sure that academics come first; that school work is done before football.
  • To prepare each player and cheerleader for middle and high school athletics at  Hart Middle School & Stoney Creek High School by teaching the rules, fundamentals, proper technique & mindset.
  • To promote safe play by allowing players to play with children their own ages, to leverage the safest technologies and equipment available, and to train in proper performance techniques.
Helmet-DECAL SCJC Banner 2019 Stoney Creek Junior Cougar - Cheer Decal

Discover Our Core Values

Safety: The Stoney Creek Junior Cougars are committed to providing all players, cheerleaders, coaches, parents, spectators and board members with a safe environment and promoting safe play through the teaching of proper techniques and utilization of the best available equipment and other technologies.

Fundamentals: The Stoney Creek Junior Cougars are committed to communicating, teaching and training to our youth football players and cheerleaders the most relevant, safe and effective football and cheer fundamentals rooted in philosophies and techniques utilized by Hart Middle School and Stoney Creek High school coaching staffs.

Competitiveness: The Stoney Creek Junior Cougars are committed to fielding football and cheer teams that are as competitive as possible. Although safety and fun are our other core values, we believe that all can be achieved while still growing and maintaining a highly competitive association. It’s important to us that we help our youth to establish a culture and mindset of competitive play.

Fun: Yes, we pride ourselves on being a safety-focused association. Yes, we want to win. However, the Stoney Creek Junior Cougars will do everything in our power to make sure that our football players and cheerleaders have fun. If at the end of the year a child says, “I want to participate next year” then we’ve done our job.

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